Why Wear House Shoes?

Glad you asked!

There are plenty of great reasons why house shoes are good for you, and today we’re about to unpack some of those.

We’ve explored this subject in our previous blogs, and it’s a great habit to wear house shoes especially because outside shoes can carry germs and dirt into your home. But what about house shoes? Many cultures have adopted the practice of shoes worn exclusively at home, meaning they don’t leave your house or driveway and are kept solely for the purpose of wearing at home.

Our feet were designed to walk on surfaces like sand, soil, and grass. These types of surfaces can accommodate the foot’s contours because they allow your foot to sink into it, preventing your arch from collapsing. But what happens when you’re walking on hard interior floors?

Wearing house shoes can keep your feet healthy

For many people, older people in particular, going barefoot can actually be worse for your health. The reason for this is because of arch deterioration, which can get worse without supportive footwear. House shoes can help to ease some of the pressure on your arches, and to allow your foot muscles to relax.

Choosing house shoes with supportive, firm soles can reduce your risk of common foot conditions like:

  • Hammertoes and bunions: Did you know that your feet naturally pronate (or spread out) when you’re walking. This causes your foot arch to collapse, and can lead to bunions.
  • Posterior tibial tendonitis, or shin splints: Extended periods of walking around with a collapsed foot arch can make the posterior tibial tendon stretch, and over time, this can cause discomfort, inflammation and instability in the tendon.
  • Plantar fasciitis: The plantar fascia is a band of muscle that absorbs stress and supports your foot arch. Standing for extended periods or wearing shoes without good support can create small tears in the band and cause pain and irritation on the bottom of the foot.
  • Walking barefoot on hard floors is particularly more problematic for women over the age of 50 because the pad in the ball of the foot becomes thinner and minimizes the cushioning. This makes knees, hips, and the lower back more prone to injury.

What makes a good pair of house shoes?


Of course, one of the key factors when looking at any type of footwear is the comfort you get from wearing it. You can assess comfort by looking at flexibility, do the shoes bend and have some give? Will they mold according to the shape of your foot? Secondly, consider the lining. An organic, soft, and comfortable lining is important to prevent excessive sweating or irritation. Finally, pay attention to the insole. The shoe should have good support. Fluffy house shoes may look comfortable but can end up doing more harm than good because of the lack of support.


When you have house shoes on, you should be able to walk around without any risk of tripping, falling, or getting injnured. This means you need shoes with good traction, which matters especially if the floors of your home are sleek and slippery.


You’ll notice when shopping for house shoes that they aren’t typically as sturdy as outdoor shoes – but this is something to look out for. Just because shoes are worn indoors, it doesn’t mean they can be flimsy! Choose a pair of house shoes that will be sturdy to walk in but still flexible enough to be comfortable.

Ease of wearing

The ideal pair of house shoes should not be too narrow and difficult to slip on and off. You want to make wearing them an easy choice, so ideally look for slip-on sneakers or mules.

Caring for your feet when you’re indoors should be as important as keeping them safe while you are outside. House shoes are a good investment because they offer more protection than regular socks, but are still lightweight and breathable.

At Dooeys, we aim to create supportive house shoes for women that look good and are made from sustainable materials. These are not your average slippers, they’re stylish shoes for home with arch support and sneaker-like sole. Now that you know all the benefits of wearing house shoes, check out our collection today!