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Our Favorite Sustainable Loungewear Picks

Thanks to the work-from-home life, loungewear is a staple for most wardrobes now. More than ever before, people today are looking for ways to disconnect from work and the hustle, and it may not always involve a change of location - so a wardrobe change is a must! Today we’re...

Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

The Ultimate Roundup So your friend or family member has just moved into a new home and it’s time to celebrate with them! This is a great opportunity to help them make the transition more enjoyable, and a wonderful way for you to show you care with a thoughtful gift....

Why Should You Wear Shoes Inside Your House?

One of the most common household rules is to take your shoes off while you’re at home. There are plenty of reasons for this common household practice. Most of us already know how good it feels to come home and kick our shoes off after wearing them for prolonged periods....

Sustainable Choices in Everyday Life

We live in an ecosystem, which means everything we do in our day-to-day life impacts the environment, climate, and other species. It could be the food you eat, or how you choose to commute, or even the clothes you wear. If you choose to live sustainably, it doesn’t necessarily mean...

The Low Down: What Makes House Shoes Better Than Slippers

Everyone knows good footwear is an investment, whether they’re dress shoes, running shoes, or an everyday pair. We take time to choose good shoes because when our feet are comfortable, so are we!

Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Blogs

You’re on the path to building a more conscious closet, one that reflects your personal style, your values, and your needs - we celebrate you! It takes commitment, dedication, and inspiration — speaking of which, it always helps to find others who have paved the way. If you’re on the...

Our Favorite Work from Home Wardrobe Essentials

The way you dress can change your attitude towards work. Just by putting on a nice outfit can help you feel more mentally-ready to get things done and be more productive. Dooeys provide the coziness of a slipper with all-day comfort thanks to their arch support and sneaker-like soles. They are...

Surprising Health Benefits of House Shoes

Wondering whether it makes sense to get yourself a pair of comfortable house slippers? Let me spare you the pain of doing all the homework yourself and tell you: YES! 

6 Things to Look for in Good House Shoes

Many of us have spent more time at home in the past year than ever before. And while our feet may be thanking us for the break from high heels, the absence of shoes has not produced the best results either.