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How They're Made


We believe in creating the change we want to see. That's why we've chosen high quality plant-based and recycled materials to make every slipshoe. 


Our vegan apple leather is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry, and grown in the Italian Alps.


This sugarcane EVA has the same softness and flexibility of traditional EVA foam found in sneakers, but replaces petroleum-based material with a bio-based alternative. Raw sugarcane a renewable resource that actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Soft and breathable, our lining is made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer recycled polyester. Any scraps produced in the process are recovered and used for future rolls of material, creating a zero waste system.


Cork is actually just the bark of a cork tree, making it a super-renewable, local resource in Portugal that can be sourced without harvesting trees. It's odor resistant, anti-bacterial, and shock absorbing. We pair it with natural latex - a milky white liquid extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better known as the rubber tree - providing you with a supportive, springy feel.

Recycled Polyester

Made from post industrial polyester scrap, our premium vegan suede is durable, luxurious, and has a reduced fossil energy consumption compared to the traditional petrol-based polyester production process.

Recycled Packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled materials. The Dooeys shoe box is made from recycled cardboard and is ready to ship so requires no additional carton. Plus, we only use recycled packing paper to protect your shoe during transit.


Dooeys provide the coziness of a slipper with all-day comfort. Whether you're cooking a meal, chasing little ones, or just getting things done around the house, our sneaker-like soles and supportive insoles are sure to treat your feet right at home.


We pride ourselves on doing small batch production, buying as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction.

We produce our slipshoes at a small factory in Portugal that is dedicated to ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair treatment of all workers and providing a safe and healthy work environment.