Billion Dollar Idea: Episode #3

Ben Weiss & Jordan Clark | Billion Dollar Idea | Dooeys House Shoes

Exciting news! Our founder, Jordan Clark, was featured on the TV show, Billion Dollar Idea, to compete for an investment for up to $1M. The investor is billionaire, Ben Weiss, founder of Bai and is interested in our house shoes. 

Jordan shares her thoughts after watching the episode: 

"The day Ben Weiss came to my house is forever engrained in my memory. I was so nervous meeting Ben and hoped he'd see my passion and drive for Dooeys. I definitely squirmed watching this episode as it was the first time seeing (and hearing!) myself on TV. It meant so much that Ben not only came all the way to meet me, but had the chance to meet my husband and my Dad. They both play such a large role in my life and where I'm at with Dooeys today. 

My favorite part in this episode was my pure shock when I found out I'd be moving forward after he had selected Ari. I was his wildcard! Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see many other surprising events!"

Billion Dollar Idea is on Tuesdays 9pm ET/6pm PT on Fox Business Network.