Billion Dollar Idea: Episode #6

Jordan made it to the final 6 in this week's episode of Billion Dollar Idea. She finally gets to meet the five other entrepreneurs Ben chose to complete for his investment. 

Jordan shares her thoughts after watching the episode: 

"Watching this episode made me cringe as I missed an opportunity to share my passion and vision for Dooeys in the literal "elevator" pitch. Going into this, I remember telling myself to be ready for anything...but when the moment came to step into the elevator, I was so focused on following directions that I failed to see what was happening in the present moment....a woman asking me about what I do. Something I love so much and can't wait to share with the world. But in my head, I felt like I had to be quiet for filming...when in reality, I'm the one they were filming. Overall, I got the gist across about our house shoes, but regret not showing my passion and drive for what I'm building and being timid in a moment to shine. 

When I stepped out of the elevator, it hit me. I turned to the producer and said..."we're not doing audio, right?". Her head shook no, but her eyes told me yes. And in that moment, I knew I failed my first test. 

This is one of the many lessons I learned from Ben and something that sticks with me today."

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