WFH & The Best At Home Shoes

The new normal of working from home has blurred a lot of lines. You log in to your computer, take part in meetings, yet you’re in the comfort of your own home. Your pet needs attention. Your kitchen is right around the corner — or you’re already in it. Kids are around or coming home soon. The laundry is running. You need coffee, but there’s no big fancy machine. You are on your feet more than you’d be if working from the office. This new way of life is here to stay. So it is the best time to invest in a pair of work from home shoes. Here’s why your hardworking soles deserve some love, and then some!

WFH shoes

You Do Need A Supportive Pair

It is tempting to spend the day in your warm fuzzy flat slippers. Who doesn't love something cute and chic?! But a pair like this, all day long, will do you more harm than good. Considering trying to not sit all day, you need a pair of at home shoes that provide adequate support as you build good habit standing while working, changing over the laundry, taking a break to cook lunch, taking a call while pacing from room to room. We know you’re not sporting high heels but you still need to think about the right pair. Not all flats and slippers are created equal. So look for something that is cozy and has arch support. Trust us, your calves, knees, and back will thank you!

Improve Your Productivity

With the right pair of slippers for home, your feet will stay warm through your long meetings. You will feel comfortable, even if you’re on a tight deadline. You will not have to worry about slipping on your hardwood floors. All this contributes to you feeling good; which in turn makes you more productive. It's hard enough to stay motivated when working from home. A simple change like better footwear can make a difference. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause severe back pain. With the amount of work on your plate, we’re sure you don’t need anything else to worry about.

Keep Outside Shoes For the Outdoors

WFH shoes and outdoor shoes must be two separate things. It's a great idea to leave your outside shoes at the door and not use them in the house. You won’t have to struggle with particles of mud or dirt on the floor and you’ll be keeping germs and bacteria that your shoes pick up out of your home. It is unsanitary to invite the dirt from the streets into your precious home. Invest in a pair that is exclusively for the indoors.

What To Look For?

The best house shoes are supportive and comfortable. They are made of high-quality material so you can wear them from one season to the next. Your feet can breathe well in them and don’t sweat due to overheating. The sole contours to your foot and provides balance. Adequate cushioning softens the impact on hardwood floors. An easy-to-slip-on pair is even better as you will need to take them on and off for those times you actually do leave the house. They don’t need to be frumpy, you need something you feel good in. A bonus: a pair that is made ethically! In every choice you make, keep the environment in mind. There are many options available for brands that produce sustainable options like Dooeys.

Dooeys offers many styles of house shoes like their House Loafers, House Mules, and House Sandals. Made from premium, sustainable materials like vegan apple leather sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry, lining made from recycled plastic, and soles made with sugarcane.