The Best Slippers For Winter

Winter is here — the image that comes to mind is one of comfy clothes, a fireplace, and hot tea. But don’t forget those warm and cozy slippers. Having cold feet is agonizing. Your feet need to stay warm and safe, and slippers are the perfect way to complete your winter look at home! Think of a nice pair as a warm hug for your cold feet. Here’s our guide on the best indoor slippers for the season.

Winter Slippers


Warmth, without Overheating

There is nothing like wearing a pair of cozy shoes for the house that keep you feeling warm. Remember to pick a pair made from materials that are soft to the touch inside. Avoid suede or faux fur as aren’t as breathable nor are they animal or earth-friendly. The last thing you want in your home is a pair of sweaty and smelly feet or ones that feel itchy all the time. With the right fabric, your feet will feel just right.

Support, with Comfort

An ideal house shoe is one that supports you when you’re on your feet. It has the right arch support and the perfect amount of cushioning. Slip on house shoes are the best as they make for easy wearing and taking off — something you want to make easy after kicking off those rain or snow boots. You can slip into them when you’re heading to your kitchen for coffee, and slip out when sitting cross-legged in your chair! Shoes for the house must be comfortable considering you will spend a lot of time in them. Especially if you work-from-home and might be spending all day in them. With this in mind, an important factor with regard to support is a solid and durable outer sole. Pick a pair that is anti-slip. You will love the grippy supportive feeling on your hardwood floors!

Quality, with Durability

Invest in a good pair of supportive house shoes this season. A pair that makes your feet feel good, and will last for a long time. Look for brands that use high-quality materials. Winter shoes have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; this prevents foot odor. The best house shoes will let your feet breathe and rest, so that you can take on the next day with renewed energy! A cheap and uncomfortable pair will adversely affect your health so choose wisely. 

Cute, with Sustainability in Mind

You can do your part for the environment by choosing to buy from brands that are using plant-based and recycled materials as well as offset their carbon emissions. The notion that supportive shoes are ugly or that you need sacrifice sustainability for style is simply not true. When you’re looking for slippers for home use, it’s easy to find a pair that are cute, comfortable, and also made ethically with Dooeys.