Foot Care — Easy Ways to Promote Good Foot Health

We don’t give our feet enough credit for what they do. We can walk, run, be on our feet all day, dance, jump and move around all because of our feet! Foot care is important, and there are many ways to keep them happy and healthy. Read on to learn how.

Pamper Those Footsies

Tired feet co=uld use some extra loving every once in a while. Use a rich moisturizing cream to keep your soles supple. Frequent weather changes can cause itchy and cracked heels so a soothing cream will go a long way. You could also treat yourself to a pedicure. Your toes and nails will be clean and rid of dead skin and dirt (in addition to the fact that pedicures will leave you feeling relaxed and happy!). Try a homemade soak to dip your feet in once a week. This will help with bad odor and de-stress after a long tiring day. Massaging your feet for a few minutes every day works wonders. It helps relieve pain and is sure to have a calming effect on your body.

Stretch it Out

Stretching your calves and toes is important for foot health. Look for exercises like the downward-facing dog that stretch the right muscles. Lunges work too. Anything that helps you move and stretch the foot muscles, and improves blood circulation too. Stretching can not only help treat, but actually prevent foot pain.

Wear The Right Shoes

Our feet help us throughout the day. Yet, we put them in shoes that feel like torture after a while.  We cannot stress this enough — you need shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, leave your feet feeling irritated, and cause back and knee pain. Pick shoes that are your size. Check your shoes regularly for wear and tear. Recycle or replace shoes that need attention. Arch support is key, especially for slippers for home. Although it is tempting to walk around barefoot at home, you must use supportive house shoes for good foot health. Look for shoes made of materials that are natural so that your feet can breathe. This will especially help if you have sweaty feet. 

Good Foot Health


Foot reflexology has been around for years. The bottom of your feet has pressure points that connect to different parts of your body. This method helps alleviate stress, promote digestion, and improve your quality of sleep. Do you see how your feet play such an important role in your overall health?!

Compression Socks

As the name suggests, these work by gently compressing or squeezing your legs to help improve blood flow. These specialized socks help reduce swelling in your legs and feet. Who could benefit from these the most, you ask? Athletes, pregnant women, frequent long-flight travelers, and people whose job involves them being on their feet all day.

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