Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

If you’re here, it's probably because someone you’re close to is moving into a new home. That’s great news! The best way to show your happiness is to get them a thoughtful housewarming gift. It is best to pick something that they will use and not lay forgotten in storage. Do you know what makes your gift perfect? A blend of usability and sustainability — it goes to show that you have put thought into your purchase. Here’s our list of suggestions.

Luxurious Hand Soaps

A hand wash and/or soaps are essentials in every home. Treat the new homeowners to gentle and fragranced products. We recommend L’AVANT, a plant-based and safe brand. They use natural ingredients like aloe, coconut, olive oil, chamomile, and so on. Head to their website which lists everything that the product contains. You’ll be treating their hands and the environment well. 


No house can ever have enough napkins. We always seem to run out! Organic cotton napkins that are ethically made are a great option. Apart from being elegant, they are also multi-functional and can double up as tray liners, placemats, etc. Being eco-friendly and gentle on the skin makes it a special gift that will be well appreciated.

Olive Oil

Known to be a staple in everyone's pantry, olive oil must be at the top of your list. Brightland olive oil is authentic and of exceptional quality. They contain zero fillers or preservatives and their fresh and family farm-to-table produce is consciously made and flavourful. 


Let’s face it — nobody likes the sight of water rings on a table. Coasters are a perfect gift for tea time, lunches, or dinners. For intimate gatherings or hosting bigger groups. Many organically made coasters are available. They are made of bamboo, wicker, jute, and other natural materials that make your love for the environment evident!

House Shoes

Everyone that you know must own a pair of supportive house shoes. Considering this is a new home, help them keep it clean and germ-free with a pair of slippers for home use. Stylish, comfortable and sustainably made, Dooeys offers a wide range to choose from. The shoes are great for staying warm and cozy indoors, while also providing the right arch support on those hardwood floors. Made from plant-based materials, the brand is all things sustainable!  


This is a great idea for a new home, especially if the owners have green thumbs! A number of natural and lightweight planters are available. It is the perfect accessory to decorate the house — be it as a table piece at the center of a room, or to bring life to vacant corners. Planters and pots can be made of stone, mud, clay, and jute too. House plants are ideal housewarming gifts as they can transform a space into a home with their various hues of green. Low-maintenance plants that don’t need much sunlight or water are your best pick. We recommend snake plants, peace lilies, bonsais, money plants, succulents, and orchids.