Sustainable Fashion 101

Women's Slippers with Arch Support | Sustainable Fashion

The Beginners Guide for Dressing Ethically

Sustainable fashion is a movement that advocates for change in the way fashion apparel is derived, produced, and marketed. Whether it’s high fashion, house shoes, or handbags – this “eco-trend” pushes the boundaries of the fashion industry!

It highlights how damaging unsustainable fashion is to the ecosystem and how it infringes on human rights. The aim is to create an awareness of the impact fashion leaves on humans and the planet. 

What is Sustainable Fashion?

As defined by Green Strategy, sustainable fashion is about “continuous work to improve all stages of the product’s life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale, to use, reuse, repair, remake and recycling of the product and its components”.

It  simply means that fashion apparel needs to be manufactured, distributed, and marketed, in a way that respects both environmental integrity and social responsibility, accounting for sustainability in every stage of the supply chain.

The goal of sustainable fashion is to encourage a holistic approach to conservation, from water pollution to animal cruelty and labor rights and adopt environmental and socially favorable practic

Why Is It Important?

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. Textile waste, such as synthetic chemicals and dye pollution, account for 20% of industrial water pollution.

Unwittingly, most of us are victims of the “use and throw’’ fast fashion syndrome. These are often items that are manufactured in large volumes by high street brands using cheap fabrics and labor with scant regard for ethics. The bottom line here is profit over the environment.

Unscrupulous practices in the supply chain of the industry drain our resources, polluting the ecosystem. Sustainable fashion is an eco-friendly, ethical alternative which factors in both environmental integrity and social justice; keeping in mind the scarcity and the vulnerability of nature. 

It’s crucial since it puts back the power in the consumer’s hand by educating them to make better choices. It takes into consideration the various stakeholders that make the fashion system work.

The good news is, consumer attitudes are changing  and most of us are becoming more conscious of our fashion choices, opting for brands  that are  eco-friendly. 

There are lots of ways to be part of a more sustainable, conscious movement when it comes to fashion - here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Value and take care of items that you already own. Choose better and shop less, and only buy pieces that you love. 
  2. Research brands! Part of making conscious consumer decisions is reading up on the brands you are buying from, ensuring that they compensate their workers fairly and are treated well. Most socially conscious brands have easy access to this on their websites.
  3. Select clothing that is of high quality and durable. Choose natural fibers that wear better with age and can be repaired more easily. Natural materials like organic cotton, linen and wool can last years when properly cared for.
  4. Look for brands using innovative, plant-based and recycled materials. 
  5. Embrace second hand clothing. One of the best ways to ensure that your shopping habits are sustainable is by buying second hand products. Before investing in a brand new outfit, try finding a second hand alternative - and as a bonus, these are usually cheaper.
  6. Organize a clothing swap event. You’ve probably received hand me downs before from family or friends. There could be an outfit you've  outgrown - why not give it a second life by passing it on to someone close to you? Inspire others around you to give away their clothes instead of binning them! Get some friends together to all bring unwanted clothes and swap everything! It's fun and it's really easy. 
  7. Donate your clothes to a local charity store. Just make sure the clothes are clean and in good condition! It’s an easy way to help your local community.
  8. Support ethical brands like Dooeys that create stylish women’s house shoes in small batches with care and attention using materials that are sustainable. Business can do good, and make products that look good too!

Make good and conscious decisions as a consumer. Think about what you buy before you buy it. 

Buy from brands you know have strong ethical values. When your need a pair of women’s house slippers, we hope you’ll consider our house shoes with arch support that are ready for everything you do at home. These will last a long time, look great with any outfit at home, have a timeless style. 

Remember, slowing down your consumption saves a lot of money too and has a huge positive impact on the planet. It's time to embrace sustainable fashion.