Billion Dollar Idea: Episode #8

In week's episode of Billion Dollar Idea, Jordan makes it to the final 5! Ben tests the entrepreneurs in their ability to lead and when to be the first followers as well as instills the importance of hiring a strong team. 

Jordan reflects on these experiences after watching the show.

"This is my favorite episode yet. For the first few days I let fear of failure dominate my head space and I was finally able to start letting go and just be myself. Ben's exercise of riding a mechanical bull while conducting job interviews provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate how well I know my business and passionate I am about finding the right people to carry out my vision.

I had never ridden a mechanical bull before, but the moment I got up, I was able to clear my head and just let the questions flow. It felt so good to have both Brian and Carolyn give ben their vote of confidence in me.

This was the week that lit a fire in me. It was just what I needed to prove I've got what it takes to lead Dooeys to be a billion dollar business and it felt especailly good to be referred to as the "silent assassin"."

Billion Dollar Idea is on Tuesdays 9pm ET/6pm PT on Fox Business Network.