Some of Our Favorite Plant-Based Shoes

If you’re striving to be more conscious with your fashion choices, a great place to start is with footwear. Think, vegan slippers, sustainable shoes, and conscious clothing.

The best sustainable shoe brands offer everything from everyday white sneakers and comfortable flats to casual boots and evening heels—all thoughtfully made with environmentally-friendly materials. 

Take a step in the right direction with our picks for the top plant based shoe brands – from affordable picks to splurge-worthy finds.

Margot - Pinatex Sandal

Margot - Pinatex Sandal

Take the perfect combination of style and comfort with you wherever you go.

These feminine mid-heel sandals from Nae are made from Piñatex, an eco-friendly material made of pineapple leaf fibers.The  ankle and toe straps are in natural cork. In addition to being hypoallergenic they are also antibacterial and antimicrobial, which helps prevent the development of odours.

This model features a nickel-free old gold buckle and neolite soles. Beautifully hand-made in Portugal in a fair work environment

Plant-based shoes

Veerah - Dian Block Heel

This spring and summer staple is designed for the great outdoors when you don't want your heels sinking into the grass or gravel.

Sustainably fashioned from USDA-certified bio-based apple leather made with 49 apples, walk comfortably and confidently with its algae foam cushioned footbed and anti-slip grip outsole.

Change it up with its chic reversible strap to suit the occasion.

Women's Plant-Based Shoes


Rothy's flats are knit with a thread derived from plastic bottles, which reduces production waste and makes them flexible and comfortable to wear all day. Other renewable materials used in the various shoe components include algae, castor bean, and hemp.

Plus, the shoes are machine-washable, which keeps them looking new for years to come

Sustainable Shoes for Women

V-10 Cwl White Parme Jaune-Fluo

This classic style from Veja that'll go with just about anything, and features an upper made from organic cotton that comes coated from a resin made from P.U, cornstarch and ricinus oil.

The sole is made from Amazonian rubber from fair trade sources, and other eco-friendly materials such as sugar cane, rice waste and recycled EVA.

The sneakers are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil.

Sustainable Slip Ons

TOMS: Cupsole Slip On

The ultimate women’s slip-on that doubles down on style and comfort.

This iconic brand is known for its comfort, for its styleThe Earthwise range employs organic cotton, regenerated materials, and eco-fibers such as hemp and linen in the various shoe components.

Snag a pair of canvas espadrilles or recycled jersey slides for the summer.

Vegan Boots

Mink – Panther Vegan Boots

Luxurious chic, comfy and casual combat boot with clear or red, transparent sole. Made from organic recycled cotton canvas, natural rubber sole, and apple leather trim. These beautiful boots are designed in California and handmade in Italy.

Make a statement with these classy boots!

Plant-based slip on sneakers

The All-Dai Shoe - MUNJOI

With four ways to wear, your Munjoi shoes can adapt to any change in plans on a whim. By removing the insole and collapsing down the desired toe or heel portions, you can have a sandal, a slide, a mule, or a sneaker – all in one.

Soles made from bloom algae and sugarcane and uppers made from hemp and organic cotton, these plant-based slip on slippers are comfy and good for the planet. 

Plant-based Sneakeres

Saye – Modelo '89 Vegan Offwhite

Spanish sneaker brand Saye embraces earth-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled plastics regenerated from the auto industry, bamboo, and even cactus and mango-derived fibers for vegan leather.

The shoes have a timeless elegance that will go with any outfit or style, and are guaranteed to feel comfortable on your feet all day long.

Vegan Slippers

Dooeys House Shoes

Dooeys provide the coziness of vegan slippers with all-day comfort thanks to their arch support and sneaker-like soles.

Dooeys are house shoes for owmen made from premium, sustainable materials — our vegan shoes are made of apple leather, which is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry.

Instead of the traditional sole, we use sugarcane EVA that has the same softness and flexibility as foam used in sneakers with a much lower carbon footprint. Our shoes come with a high-quality lining made of recycled polyester and plastic bottles in an efficient, zero-waste system.


Plant-first is the way to go

Well, why not put your best foot forward and think about a vegan shoe brand when looking for your next pair of trainers, heels or sandals?

Of course, different shoes suit different occasions. Thanks to new innovations within the fashion world, there is always a vegan shoe that fits.