House Shoes for Back Pain

Almost every person you know has complained of back pain at some point in their lives. And if you’re here it’s probably because this problem is nagging you at this very moment.

Maybe you slouched in front of the television last night. Or you lifted that heavy package without asking for help. Another possible culprit: you do not wear house shoes! Your footwear contributes to back problems in more ways than you know. And with the right kind, your spine can get the support it needs to help ease some of that excruciating pain. Read on to find out why you should be wearing house shoes, and what you need to look out for. 

Your feet need support

You’re on your feet for most of the day; walking around the house, running down the stairs, or standing as you make a meal. And although it feels great to take your shoes off at home, doing this will not reduce your pain. A comfortable pair of house shoes will help take off some of the strain your feet, knees, and back feel. Research shows that improper foot support causes pain in your feet. This pain can then radiate all the way up to your calves, hips, and back. Wearing the right kind of house shoes — ones that are adequately arched, have a solid sole, are well-cushioned, will support your feet, and work wonders for your back.

It’s not only about wearing flats — arch support is key!

You’ve often heard about how “flats”  best for your feet. Yet, this may not always be the best way to go unless the pair is well-designed. A natural arch is desirable to prevent heel and ‘ball of the foot’ pain. Walking barefoot on tiled or hardwood floors applies pressure on these areas, thereby causing pain. How, you ask? Your foot is being forced to flatten much more than it would’ve if it were snugly fit into a house shoe that provides good arch support. The arch takes the pressure off the ball of the foot and heel. The pressure between the bones in your foot is also reduced. 

Comfort, comfort, comfort

Your house shoes need to feel comfortable. Your back pain will worsen if your shoes aren’t right for you. You own a pair of cute house slippers, but do they feel tight? Are they too loose? Do they pinch your skin? If yes, ditch them and get yourself a pair that your feet feel good in. Think of your feet as gears: if misaligned they will disrupt the functioning of your calves, back, hips and the rest of your body. The right heel height, adequate cushioning for shock absorption, and the use of soft, coy material are some of the factors that make a shoe comfortable for use at home.

We're convinced — house shoes are the way to go if you are experiencing back pain. Undoubtedly, it does help to visit a doctor and seek professional help. But either way, do take care of this organ that we often take for granted. We wish you happy and healthy feet! Check out our top picks of Dooeys house shoes for women. Our house shoes are easy to slip on, provide arch support, and have durable, sneaker-like soles for all-day comfort at home.