Choosing Pregnancy Shoes

You’re pregnant. You expected the changes that came along with it— your clothes don’t fit, you’re hungry all the time, the morning sickness, sleep deprivation. What you didn't expect is that your feet would grow too! The last thing you need now is to have your swollen feet stuffed into shoes that don't fit. This could complicate routine activities like walking around the house and getting groceries. It’s the best time to invest in a pair of shoes that are comfortable and cute (yes, you deserve to pamper yourself!). Here’s what we recommend.

Slip-on shoes and sneakers

How on earth are you expected to bend over and tie laces? We hear you, and the solution— shift to slip-ons! They are versatile. Pair them with any style of clothing. The best part is that you don't have to reach for your heels to put them on.

Look for comfort

Let’s face it— carrying a baby for 10 months is no easy task. And the least you can do is make sure you feel comfortable during this time. Opt for a pair of shoes that feel well-cushioned. You do not want shoes that are too hard on your joints. Cushioned insoles are a must, but there’s no set rule here. What's important is that the pair feels comfortable enough for YOU. Your feet are doing a lot of extra work and deserve to feel nice.

Ditch the heels

As your baby bump gets bigger, your center of gravity shifts. You cannot wear flats (read back pain) and must avoid heels. The key is to find the shoe that has the right arch support. The best house shoes are supportive and cradle your swollen and puffy feet in comfort. Heels may not be the best thing for your back and knees during this time. And it’s not goodbye if you find yourself another favorite pair!

Barefoot may not be the best way to go!

Yes, the breathability of barefeet is nice during pregnancy. But walking barefoot around the house on hardwood floors is not a good idea. You should avoid putting this added pressure on your feet without proper support. Wearing lightweight and breathable house shoes provides comfort, alleviates stress on joints, and add much needed grip to safely move around the house and up and down stairs. 

The bottom line is that your feet will change during pregnancy. But the journey does not have to be difficult. 

Staying active and comfortable on your feet is important during pregnancy, and what better way than to have Dooeys house shoes for women support you? Every pair of Dooeys are made from premium, sustainable materials.