Work from Home Must-Haves

Work from or WFH is a phenomenon that’s here to stay. Companies across the world have realized that this is the ‘new normal’. For many of you, adjusting to this has not been easy. Working from home means you don’t see your colleagues every day. You work in isolation. You have to balance work and home life too. This could skyrocket productivity levels for some, while others struggle to get work done. Here are our two bits on how you can set yourself up for success. Create a positive and safe space for yourself. Add our tools listed below and make this experience a whole lot easier!

Your Work Desk

This is the basic — it’s where you will spend all your time working! You need a work desk that is compact, with sufficient storage space. We recommend the multifunctional, Comhars Flexispot Standing Desk. Equipped with USB charging, you can also charge up to 3 devices. The drawer space is convenient. It can help you keep the top space clutter-free, which keeps your mind happy too!

Cell-Phone Holder

It’s normal for your phone to find a spot under files and papers. It takes you a while to locate it. Or for some of you, the phone is a distraction you keep reaching out to when you’re working. This stable and lightweight cell phone holder from TeeBeeoner is perfect and is compatible with most phones. You could watch a video, or take a work call, while your hands are free for typing (or snacking!)


With the amount of time you will spend at home, it makes perfect sense to invest in supportive house shoes. It is tempting to spend the day in warm and fuzzy flats. But we all know what a work-from-home day looks like. You make trips to the fridge, maybe whip up a meal in the kitchen, go say heel to your pets, do a load of laundry — all while also getting work done. You therefore need slippers for home use. A pair that is comfortable and has the right arch support. Dooeys has a bunch of house shoes for women to pick from. Made sustainably, go pick a pair to keep your feet warm through those long meetings!

Kneeling Chair

The couch seems quite inviting a place to work from. So does your bed. But we know that getting into these positions feels good temporarily, and often does you more harm than good. We’ve found the perfect ergonomic kneeling chair. Designed with your health in mind, this product from Neckfort is both beautiful and practical. You can say goodbye to those nagging back pains, and say hello to comfortable working postures! The cushion is comfortable to sit on, and the angled wood moves in line with your body’s natural movements. How perfect is this?!


What do we miss most when we are confined to our homes? Yes, you guessed right. Fresh air and the warmth of sunlight hitting your face. You don’t have to miss out thanks to this HappyLight on our list (we really did think of everything, didn't we?!). This item literally transports sunshine into your home. It mimics sunlight, and all you need to do is plug it in! It is perfectly sized and can fit compactly on your work desk. You get to customize the levels of brightness and temperature too. We’re sure this will help you feel more productive, while also improving your energy levels. 

Priority Notepad

How often do you go through your day, looking for pieces of paper to jot down ideas on? To help you make your WFH experience better, we recommend this notepad. Use it to prioritize your tasks for the day, and make lists. Efficient and cute, this planner has plenty of space to write in. Life is too short to not have pretty stationery!