Sustainable Choices in Everyday Life

We live in an ecosystem, which means everything we do in our day-to-day life impacts the environment, climate, and other species. It could be the food you eat, or how you choose to commute, or even the clothes you wear. If you choose to live sustainably, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make a radical change in the way you live your life. You aren’t destroying the planet if you don’t immediately get rid of everything you own because it’s not sustainable. Instead, it’s the small changes that you can make to your everyday life that will protect the planet.

If you want to change and start living a more sustainable life, but you don’t know how, this article is for you. Here are four choices you can make today to create a sustainable lifestyle:

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

You’ve probably already heard of the 3 ‘R’s. You need to start at the basics if you’re going to change your lifestyle. Before you can make a complete shift to a sustainable life, aim to reduce your consumption. We are all consumers and it’s our overconsumption that harms the planet. The planet is drowning in items that get used and then tossed, from toothbrushes to our phones. It’s essential to make everything you buy an eco-friendly decision. Before you make a purchasing decision, stop for a moment and question the purchase - What do you need? Why do you need it? Are there sustainable alternatives that you can buy instead?

The next step is to reuse what you already have. Try to reuse the products you already have as many times as possible before deciding to toss them. Avoid single-use products like bottled water and straws that take hundreds of years to decompose fully. Switch over to using reusable bottles and metal straws instead You can’t always avoid single-use products, and that’s okay. Once you’re done using a product, check if it can be recycled. Put your rubbish in the correct bins and attempt to recycle as much as possible. 

2. Sustainable Choices At Home

Everyone can’t completely transform their homes by replacing their windows and switching to solar-powered energy, but there are quite a few small changes you can make to have a more sustainable household. If it’s safe and you don’t currently drink tap water, think about investing in a filter. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also way cheaper than bottled water. Love sparking water? Choose an at home soda maker like Sodastream as these have a much lower environmental impact than buying cases of individual sparkling water bottles or cans. Be sure to choose one with glass bottles that you can easily wash and will last longer. 

You can also be smarter with your electronic appliances. Pick options that use the least energy instead of going for the most convenient option. Swap out your regular light bulbs for LED light bulbs. Not only do they last longer, but they’re also way more energy efficient which helps you save money in the long run! Also, try using a programmable thermostat to control the temperatures in your house, which makes your home a lot more eco-friendly. 

3. Sustainable Fashion Choices

Fast fashion is the mass production of cheap and disposable clothing. The fashion industry produces 80 billion garments a year, most of which ends up in landfills or get incinerated. You can make quite a few sustainable choices: Vintage & Thrift, Fair Trade clothing, Upcycled Clothing, or choosing brands that use sustainable materials and offset their carbon emissions. They’ve all got their own unique identities, but no matter what choice you make, you’re still making a sustainable choice.

When you make a purchase, it’s crucial to think about how long that particular garment will last. Invest in trans-seasonal clothing like jeans, dresses and jackets that can be worn all year round. Wear your clothes and continue to wear them! Make the most of your purchases before you buy something new and when you’re no longer interested in some of the clothes you have, donate them or do a clothes swap with friends.

4. Sustainable Commute

Up to 75% of urban air pollution is caused due to fuel combustion from motor vehicles. We have slow-moving cars stuck at red lights and in traffic jams to blame for some of the fumes emitted into our atmosphere. With that being said, the number of vehicles on the road are still increasing, and that’s why it’s up to us to do something about it. You don’t need to get rid of your car, but you can choose to use it less. If your destination is close enough, choose to walk or ride a bike. It may not be as fast as using your car, but it’s a much healthier option since you’re physically active while you’re commuting. Public transport may not be the most convenient, but it’s a lot more eco-friendly than using your car. Besides, you don’t have to concentrate on the road while using public transport, which allows you to catch up on some reading or relax and unwind while travelling. If a car is necessary, see if there’s someone you can carpool with for repeat commutes or invest in an electric car.

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