The Low Down: What Makes House Shoes Better Than Slippers

Everyone knows good footwear is an investment, whether they’re dress shoes, running shoes, or an everyday pair. We take time to choose good shoes because when our feet are comfortable, so are we!

That's why each type of shoe serves a different purpose. But what about at home where we either walk barefoot or slip on a flat pair of slippers? During extended hours of staying at home you might have noticed that your feet still hurt. This is most probably because you spend a lot of time on the hard floor of your house in your flimsy slippers, or barefoot. 

You might experience the pain or inflammation in the heel or ball of your foot because of the pressure these points take when you walk on a hard floor. If you have noticed pain on the top of your foot it’s because the foot is forced to flatten more than when it is on a softer surface.

Slippers vs. House Shoes

Why not slippers?

You may be thinking, what’s the big deal with slippers? How can they possibly hurt me? But it certainly is a big deal if you care about your feet. You might not notice these things right away but in the long run your feet, legs and even your hip joints will thank you. 

Our feet are tasked with carrying our whole body weight around and by wearing footwear with arch support we can make their job a tiny bit easier by taking some of the pressure off. Most house slippers designed to wear inside the house do not have an arch support and continuously wearing them can show negative results in the long run.

Safe or Sorry 

The best way to prevent this pain is to make sure your shoe has arch support. This will support your foot by transferring the pressure off the parts of your foot that would start to hurt. The arch also provides relief by reducing the pressure between the bones on top of the foot.

Having good arch support is not the only thing that’s important. We recommend getting supportive house shoes with good, sturdy soles. A major problem with many styles of indoor footwear is that the soles provide little grip compared to those found on outdoor shoes. Ideally, you need solid soles, along with a structure that envelopes your foot enough to provide it with support so that you avoid unnecessary injuries around the house like slipping, twisting your ankle or getting a sprain (and we all have that one corner in our house where we keep accidentally stubbing our toes!) 

The Dooeys Difference

A pair of Dooeys provide the perfect arch support for your feet so that you don’t get tired while doing everything you do at home. They are the perfect shoes for home to slip on and stay comfortable all day. The days of unsupportive and flimsy slippers are long gone, jump on the Dooeys train, and wave goodbye to aching feet.

Dooeys provide the coziness of a slipper along with comfort of an outdoor shoe thanks to their arch support and sneaker-like soles. Dooeys house shoes are made from premium, sustainable materials our vegan apple leather is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry. Instead of the traditional sole, we use sugarcane EVA that has the same softness and flexibility as foam used in sneakers with a much lower carbon footprint. Our shoes come with a high-quality lining made of recycled polyester and plastic bottles in an efficient, zero-waste system.

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