Our Favorite Sustainable Loungewear Picks

Thanks to the work-from-home life, loungewear is a staple for most wardrobes now. More than ever before, people today are looking for ways to disconnect from work and the hustle, and it may not always involve a change of location - so a wardrobe change is a must!

Today we’re talking about picking sustainable loungewear that gives both you and the environment a big warm fuzzy hug. But what’s been up with the loungewear trend these days? Is it just loose clothing or is there more to it?

Loungewear go-to’s usually include joggers, pullovers, comfortable pajama sets, onesies, and even bralettes. Extra comfy loungewear may be made using touch-centric fabrics like textured yarns with fluffy detailing to enhance the comfort and coziness of that item of clothing. But generally, ‘bare’ or back-to-basics type of skin friendly fabrics made of soft, breathable materials are key.

So, since our tight denim jeans, nice tops, and flowy dresses make their appearance a bit less these days, let’s give ourselves a break and explore the world of comfort clothing (sustainably, of course!)

1.   TENCEL™ Lite Bralette by Organic Basics: 

    The triangle bralette is taking the comfort lingerie world by storm, and our favorite of the lot is this masterpiece by Organic Basics. It’s made with TENCEL™ Lyocell, an eco-friendly wood pulp fiber that is designed to last. We always recommend investing in essentials, and this bralette is definitely on our list because what’s the point of having a comfy t-shirt, if you’re uncomfortable underneath?!

    2.   Hemp Blend Easy Tee by Pact

    Not only is this tee super comfortable, it’s made with organic cotton. In fact it has no toxic chemicals and takes 91% less water than conventional cotton to make! The design is simple, a never-fail scoop neck and short sleeves plus a loose fit that won't weigh you down, no matter where the day takes you. And finally, a t-shirt with a pocket! We already feel so much more relaxed.

    3.   The Softest French Terry Cropped Hoodie by Summersalt

    The website tells us to ‘Imagine your best, worn-in t-shirt had a love child with a cozy blanket’ and we’re all about it! This adorable cropped hoodie is made with eco-friendly TENCEL™ as well, and is loose enough to keep you comfortable, without looking clunky. Plus, we love Summersalt because they’re an EU Ecolabel award winner for their sustainability manufacturing practices!

    This cropped hoodie can be paired with your favorite pair of joggers, leggings, or even a pair of shorts. It’s not too heavy or too light, this fabric makes for a great layering piece all year round.

    4.   Connie Jogger by Threads 4 Thought

    The Connie Jogger looks every bit as comfortable as it is - it’s made from their signature feather fleece, and boasts the title of ‘the comfiest sweatpants you'll ever wear!’. We’re sold.

    Threads for Thought is a great pick when it comes to sustainable fashion. Their fabrics are made from some of the world’s most sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Lenzing modal.

    In case you’re wondering how to style joggers, here’s a good place to start: pair them with a black leather jacket, a turtleneck or an oversized hoodie with slip-on sneakers or a pair of Dooey’s house shoes.

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