Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

The Ultimate Roundup

So your friend or family member has just moved into a new home and it’s time to celebrate with them! This is a great opportunity to help them make the transition more enjoyable, and a wonderful way for you to show you care with a thoughtful gift. But gift giving can often be challenging, and there are so many options.

Here’s a roundup of seven mindfully-curated, sustainable housewarming gifts that will make any host delighted to have you over. 

Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

A Personalized Return Address Stamp

How about a beautiful, personalized return address stamp to go with the new address? These masterpieces are tailored to suit your typography, design, and size preferences. You can get the self-inking kind, or the vintage-looking maple wood kind that will need an additional ink pad.

These are perfect for sending out customized ‘Thank You’ cards, Christmas greetings, or future invitations too. 

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Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

Under the Canopy Natural Soy Wax Candles

Soy candles are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They produce negligible soot, they’re made of natural oils and not paraffin wax, and what’s even better - they burn for longer than their paraffin wax-counterparts.

Candles are the easiest way to bring a sense of calm to a space. They can make you feel relaxed or energized, calm or upbeat; simply by their fragrance and essential oil infusion. Get a hold of some ultra chic, hand-poured, essential oil-fused soy candles to let your host know that you appreciate the finer things. 

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Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

A Handy Set of Organic Kitchen Towels

There’s nothing better than receiving a gift that is thoughtful and tasteful. Kitchen towels are one of those must-haves that people rarely buy as gifts. For those looking at an eco-friendly kitchen, these waffle towels are the perfect addition.

They come in multiple neutral colors, are easy to keep clean, and get better with each wash. Say goodbye to raggedy old towels.

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Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

A Delightful House Plant

Plants are the perfect addition to an eco-friendly space to truly give it that green touch. In an instant, they brighten up the atmosphere of a home, filter out impurities, and create the perfect hygge-inspired look.

You can choose an easy-to-care-for plant if you aren’t sure that your host has a green thumb (they’ll be grateful!) Or if they are overloaded with plants, believe me, one more will only make them happier - we fact-checked this with our in-house plantoholics.

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Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

The Perfect Pair of House Shoes

Now that we’re all indoors a bit more than usual, our home attire has gotten a much-needed upgrade. Whether you're looking for the best house slippers for hardwood floors to give her or something they're stylish to wear at home, look no further that these slip on house sehoes.  They're made entirely from sustainable materials like apple leather and sugarcane soles and are super comfortable. No effort was spared in their quality and crafting.

Your host will be so impressed with the level of thought and detail you’ve put into this decision. And while you’re at it, we definitely recommend getting yourself a pair too! You won’t need convincing - just look at how beautiful they are.

Get a pair of the House Loafers or House Mules! Bonus tip, if you don’t know her shoe size; try a Dooeys gift card instead!

Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

An Elegant Throw Blanket

Not all throws need to be fluffy and plush. You can instead get a hand-woven, versatile, elegant throw that can be used on a bed, a couch, or even a table. These throws are unique because they’re made by artisans in Central and South America to ensure craft preservation and job creation.

It’s wonderful when a home tells a beautiful story, isn’t it?

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Sustainable Housewarming Gifts

The Gift Wrapping that Keeps on Giving

To wrap this all up, we’ve got the perfect reusable wrapping solution for you! Unlike regular gift-wrapping paper which can’t be reused because it’s plastic, or laminated, or simply kinda ugly - this is a revolution! It’s made from 100% cotton so that your host can use it for practically anything else too.

You can pick from a delightful set of colors and patterns to suit your preferences, or even the theme of the party!

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If you’ve been invited to a new home, this is the perfect opportunity to put into practice zero-waste gifting that is home-friendly and Earth-friendly too! Choices make change - so never underestimate the impact of every purchasing decision you make.