Hydration Tips for Winter

It's that time of the year again— curling up on the couch, hot chocolate and time with family and friends. Winter is here! For many of us, this time of the year also looks like— chapped lips, dry elbows, and bad hair days. We feel you. Summertime is not the only season where dehydration is a problem. You must hydrate during these cold winter days too. 

Drink up!

You’ve heard this a lot — drink enough water. We spend our days and nights in woolen layers of clothing. As a result, your body does not sweat, and you don't feel thirsty. This causes your body to dehydrate. Your body needs water to help maintain its internal temperature. Without this, you will feel extremely cold. Pro tip: carry a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. Place it somewhere you will see it all the time. Next to your computer if you are at an office, or by your nightstand next to that book you’re reading. Make it convenient.. Set an alert on your phone if you need to to have a glass of water every hour or so. Add some lime or cucumber for that extra dose of freshness. For what it's worth, many celebrities claim this is their secret to clear skin!

Slather moisturizer on!

Your heels are bound to crack. Your elbows appear flaky. Your lips are chapped. Your face looks dull. Your toes are itchy. The skin changes if ignored in the winter and you must moisturize to keep it soft and supple. Moisturizing your body daily gives it that intense hydration that it needs. Use body lotions that have deeply hydrating ingredients that retain your body’s moisture after a long warm shower. Moisturize your ankles and soles. You could use coconut oil as an alternative. Apply face creams to keep your skin feeling moist and happy. Use a lip balm or petroleum jelly before bedtime. Your lips will thank you in the morning! Your hands will not be covered under your warm clothing for the most part of the day — moisturize them with a hydrating cream for soft fingers.

Hydration tips for winter

Keep those toes warm

We often have the best gear to keep us warm, but forget about the right footwear for indoors. eep your feet warm and cozy, for comfort and health reasons too. Cold feet can weaken your immune system and make you prone to colds and the flu. When your feet are warm, the blood vessels open up, allowing for increased blood flow. In this way, heat passes on to other parts of your body. There is a science to this after all! Invest in a pair of house shoes. You want a pair that is comfortable, breathable, and lined with winter-friendly fabric, the kind that does not irritate your skin. Doing this will also help your feet stay clean. Dooeys house shoes for women are not your average slippers. Made entirely from vegan, sustainable materials, they are super comfortable. With arch support to keep your feet happy and comfortable, they are also easy to slip on and off as you move about the house. The unique apple leather is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry. Instead of the traditional sole, the brand uses sugarcane EVA that has the same softness and flexibility as foam used in sneakers with a much lower carbon footprint. These are the best house shoes to pamper your feet — consider giving yourself a holiday gift!