At-Home Exercises

It’s hard enough to get in some exercise every day. And with the onset of the chilly winters, exercising gets all the more difficult! We want to  stay in bed a little longer, or curl up on the couch with some hot tea. There is not enough daylight,  it's too cold. We get it. But rain or snow, it is important to move your body throughout the day. Especially since the gloomy and dark weather may also dampen your mood. Read on to find out how you can tweak your routine to burn more calories while being indoors.

Stretch Your Muscles  

Do you have a mat? You’re good to go! Yoga and Pilates (they’ve been around for centuries for a reason!) are the best forms of home exercises because they need barely any equipment. With these exercises, you will improve your balance, flexibility, and strength. You don’t need to drive to a gym, and can workout in your comfy loungewear! In Yoga, there is an increased awareness of one's breathing — which also is like an exercise for your mind. This might just be the pick-me-up that you need to beat the winter blues and avoid stiffness.

Crank Up The Music

Pull out a couple of your favorite songs and groove to them in your living room. There could not be a better way to exercise and have fun while you’re at it. You could stream videos online and mimic the dance moves. This form of exercise tones your muscles while also giving you a boost of those much-needed endorphins. The best part — nobody’s watching!

Use What You Have

Look around your home. We’re sure you will find items that could double up as exercise tools. If you have a jump rope, use it to get in at least 50 skips every day. It's the best form of cardio if you do not have enough time. Do you have stairs? Use them to do step-ups. Use the wall to do vertical pushups. Use your bed for assisted lunges. Fill up bottles with water and use them as weights. And if all else fails, just use your body weight. Jumping jackets and burpees are a great to get your heart rate up and getting in some crunches will keep your core strong. 

Walk, Walk, Walk

It’s easy to get stuck in front of the television or your laptop when at home. Everything that you need seems to be within reach. Make a conscious attempt to get up and move around. If space is a restriction for you, walking place doing high knees, or do some squats, . You could throw in a couple of jogs too which will allow you get in a good workout in less time. Pedometers and fitness trackers are great motivators here. You could set a daily goal for yourself. And after all this time on your feet, make sure you use supportive house shoes during your time at home. You need a pair that is cozy (your feet will thank you) and comfortable too. There are plenty of options available for house shoes for women. Having the right pair is important since you will be at home, on your feet, all day. Pick a solid sole and insoles that also has the right arch support. Dooeys house shoes are ethically made and built for all day comfort. They are easy to slip on and off as arrive home or kick off when you’re headed out.