We're donating 10% of sales for Earth Day!

Every Day is Earth Day at Dooeys

Celebrate Earth Day with us as we create a positive change committed to sustainable fashion! Here are a few ways you can participate.

10% Towards Canopy Project

Did you know that the fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of annual global carbon emissions? To bring awareness to this issue for our planet, we’re donating 10% of all sales this week to The Canopy Project to support reforesting areas in dire need of rehabilitation, including areas with some of the world’s communities most at-risk from climate change and environmental degradation.

If you’ve been wanting to get your dream pair of Dooeys, this is the best week to do it and know you’re getting something for yourself and giving back to the environment!

Dooeys is donating 10% of sales for Earth Day!

A Few Tips on How to Shop More Sustainably

- Educate yourself about sustainable clothing

- Buy less and shop for quality over quantity

- Choose plant-based & natural materials – organic cotton, linen, cork, or plant-based leather

- Buy products made from recycled materials

- Research brands to identify those that practice transparency and sustainability

- Choose brands that prioritize ethical manufacturing

- Buy secondhand clothing


At Dooeys, we pride ourselves on using high-quality plant-based & recycled materials to make our supportive house shoes. We also ship every pair in a shoebox that is also the shipping box made from recycled cardboard & recycled paper, and we offset carbon emissions on every order shipped. Get yourself a pair of Dooeys today and give back at the same time!