Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

Small Business Saturday is here!

What’s that, you ask?

Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express. Small Business Saturday is on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It began in the midst of the recession in 2010 in order to encourage people to shop small and bring more holiday shopping to small businesses.

There are plenty of great reasons to shop small – when you support a small or local business, you’re also supporting your town and a small businesses employees and owners. Small businesses pay sales taxes to the city, which is used to support public schools, parks, and infrastructure, as well as fund public services.

What a great idea! How do I shop small?

Here are some ways you can start. We've compiled an awesome list of small businesses that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and perfect for buying gifts this holiday (P.S., you can buy yourself a gift too!)

Akala Clothing | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

1.  Akala Clothing

We absolutely love them because their clothes make you feel comfortable and free as a bird! They’ve got a classic sweater dress that is chic and cozy all at the same time. Plus, all their clothing is made from natural, plant-based materials like Tencel (derived from wood pulp), Cupro (regenerated cellulose material made from cotton waste), Linen (fiber of flax plants), Organic Cotton, and Hemp. woven Cupro/Tencel/Linen fabric blend, finished with a Corozo nut button, a recycled-material zipper, elastic woven from recycled fibers, and metal hooks/eyes. They create beautiful pieces that are thoughtful designed without missing any detail. 

Grab a sweater dress, or a pair of wide leg pants.

Moop Canvas Bags | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

2.  Moop Canvas Bags

It’s hard to visit Moop’s website and not want to add everything to cart!

It’s the perfect gift for someone that loves traveling. From long days at work, weekends of leisure, fireside camping evenings, and wanderings through romantic cities — this bag will take you through it all!

Here’s why we love their bags:

  • Manufactured in small batches
  • Designed in Seattle (shoutout to a fellow Seattle business)
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Made in the USA
  • Built from durable materials meant to give the bag a long life

We recommend checking out their accessories too, if you’re looking for something on a smaller budget. Also, remember that some of their signature pieces are made to order so it’ll take 2-3 weeks for production — so get there fast!

Cheaterz Club | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

3.  Cheaterz Club Reading Glasses

We can’t gush enough about these reading glasses – they’ve made wearing glasses chic, classy, and cool! No more will you get sideways looks at a restaurant for grabbing your glasses before reading the menu, now you’ll get compliments!

Their website sums it up perfectly: “Modern aging is less about being fearful of what's next, and more about being fierce on how we approach it. And above all else, It's about being interesting to look at.”

Standard reading glasses are usually a bit clunky, old-fashioned, and poor quality. That’s why Cheeterz are a great option! They address the huge unmet need for sophisticated eyewear options.  Go visit their website to look at the fresh styles, made from top of the line materials, and relevant community-focused content. 

Orchard Farm Soap | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

4.  Orchard Farm Soap

Do you know someone that simply loves all things vintage? We all do! (Maybe we secretly want to be them too).

This is the best gift option for your vintage-vibes friends and family.

We recommend getting a few soaps, oils, and wrapping them up in a burlap-themed fabric. Everything at Orchard Farm is sustainable and good for the earth. They have kept production small, and grow botanicals and cut flowers on their farm.

Their products are always fresh, made in small batches with nature in mind. Plus, all their soaps and lotions are scented with pure essential oils and formulated for all skin types. Crystal Wellness Company | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

5.  Crystal Wellness Company Candles

Are you shopping for someone that values spirituality and simply exudes positive energy and light? Here’s a gift to show you care about that aspect of their life.

Head over to Crystal Wellness Company and browse through their beautiful candles. Their candles have crystals in them, and they’re absolutely beautiful!

Their candles are not only clean-burning and hand-poured, but they’re made from natural, plant-based ingredients without any icky parabens, sulfates, or animal products. To top it off, the candles are placed in a reusable glass vessel and blended with essentials oils and fragrances for a calming aroma. 

Sounds perfect and just what we all need right now.

 Katie Dean | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

6.  Katie Dean Jewelry

Buying a gift for a November December baby? Look no further!

These beautiful birthstone necklaces are perfect for any look. It layers well to look perfectly lovely with your other pieces and can also symbolize a children’s birth, a wedding anniversary, a birthday – or really any month that holds a special place in her heart. 

Bonus – you’re gonna love reading about Katie Dean! She’s an inspiration! Here’s what their website says:

“At Katie Dean Jewelry we go beyond just making jewelry. We want to inspire you to live and create a beautiful life. That’s why I personally spend time planning and art directing our photo shoots, planning out our Instagram and writing blog posts that mix style and life.”

Roma | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

7.  Roma Luxury Goods Diffusers

A diffuser doesn’t just do the job of making a space smell incredible – it can be beautiful decor on a shelf, or in your bathroom, bedroom and laundry room.

Roma strives to be intentional with respecting the earth's beauty. All their products are cruelty-free and non-toxic, and the packaging can be reused in many different ways around your home to avoid waste! (We love that!)

Their signature line includes candles, reed diffusers, linen sprays, perfumes and more!

They use clean, 100% vegan, paraffin-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free ingredients. Anything you buy from Roma can leave you assured that what you are using is safe for you and your family.

Hank + Honey Tea Towels | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

8.  Honey + Hank Tea Towels

Cute tea towels are a nice way to spruce up any kitchen space. Choose from their wide range of colors that goes with your aesthetic. Everything is locally-sourced, ethically produced, and will make your space more cheery!

We recommend grabbing one of these for anyone that loves to cook.

 Tikumi | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

9.  Tikumi Coffee Marketplace

Coffee lovers – can we have your attention please?

Tikiumi is a coffee marketplace featuring some of the best coffe from around the world. If you know a coffee lover, grab them beans from one of the best coffeehouses to try. 

“At Tikumi, we believe a good cup of coffee is more than just a caffeine boost—it’s nostalgia, comfort, memory, a ritual that anchors your day. That’s why we’ve created an online marketplace where you can purchase packaged coffee beans from all of the most-loved coffeehouses around the globe.”

Check out their marketplace and discover all the unique options you have in the coffee world!

 Dooeys House Shoes | Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

10. Dooeys House Shoes

And of course, we couldn’t leave Dooeys off the list of small businesses to shop from this holiday season. Our house shoes are ethically made in Portugal in small batches. We pride ourselves on choosing only premium, plant-based & recycled materials to make our cute and cozy house shoes.

Doozy come in two styles, both equally comfy — House Loafers & House Mules. We’re a female-founded small business based in Seattle, WA and offset the carbon emissions for every order shipped. 

We hope this roundup inspires you to shop small this Small Business Saturday.