Our Favorite Work from Home Wardrobe Essentials

While not many of us miss the ordeal of commuting to work (if we’re currently working from home), you gotta admit the one thing you probably do miss: Posing in front of the mirror, dressed and ready for the day. Now, the ghost of your glamorous past remains every time you walk past the mirror in sweats or pajamas.

If you’ve been spending more time at home lately, you might be facing the same challenge we do - you just can’t seem to find comfortable pieces of clothing in which you can sit and relax but also be ready for an unexpected Zoom meeting that you’re informed of at the last minute.

The way you dress can change your attitude towards work. Just by putting on a nice outfit can help you feel more mentally-ready to get things done and be more productive. A change in outfit signals that you’re ready for something different which is why you might not feel as productive in your same old tee and sweatpants.

Being mindful of our carbon footprint now, less has become more. Put your conscience at ease knowing these brands are sustainable and ethically-sourced. Adding these versatile staples in your closet is a great way to reduce your fast fashion shopping.

That’s why we’ve procured a list of wardrobe must-haves in which you can feel ready for work, as well as laze around afterwards. Here are some of our sustainable favorites for these moments!


ADAY Something Borrowed Shirt

ADAY - Something Borrowed Shirt

You can never go wrong with a classic white take on the button-down shirt, but better because it’s stretchy and soft. This simple shirt offers the formal look without the whole hassle of trying not to crease it after ironing.

It gives a chic style finished with a mandarin collar, dolman sleeves and side-slits allowing you to tuck it into your equally comfy leggings.

The front of the shirt is also double-lined which means you can stay braless in this, ladies! You can go for an oversized size for a more casual look or consider sizing down for a slimmer fit. Many of their clothing items come from recycled materials, which we absolutely love!

Girlfriend Leggings

Girlfriend Collective -  Black High-Rise Pocket Legging

You know what’s worse than a pair of jeans? A low-rise pair of jeans!

But don’t worry because these leggings are here to save the day! 

No “stay-at-home” look can be complete without leggings. They’re a versatile essential that you can wear anywhere, with anything. 

 These leggings are compressive, squat-proof, ultra-high rise with double side pockets. If you’re wondering if you read that right, yes you did! These leggings do indeed come with pockets that you can use, plus they are available in eleven different colors and sizes that start from XXS and go up to 6XL. If you were looking for a sign to buy new leggings this is it! 

Girlfriend uses 100% recycled and recyclable packaging they are also able to incorporate recycled polyester, nylon, post-consumer bottles into their comfortable legging material.

House Shoes

Dooeys - House Shoes

The long hours of walking and standing around the house barefoot isn’t really ideal for your feet. If you’ve got hard floors, slippers won’t be of much help either, because your feet deserve to relax and be comfortable at home too.

Dooeys provide the coziness of a slipper with all-day comfort thanks to their arch support and sneaker-like soles. They are the perfect shoes for home you can slip on and stay cozy all day, while still looking 100% fab.

These house shoes come in two different designs to suit your slip-on preferences, and are made from premium, sustainable materials the vegan apple leather is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry. Instead of the traditional sole, it’s got sugarcane EVA that has the same softness and flexibility as foam used in sneakers with a much lower carbon footprint. These shoes come with a high-quality lining made of recycled polyester and plastic bottles in an efficient, zero-waste system.

You can even style and pair these wardrobe essentials with each other to make the ultimate cozy-work-from-home outfit. Working from home doesn’t mean you have to dress drab or boring. We don’t dress to impress, we dress for ourselves, whether that’s to be more productive or just to look cute. 

The simple style allows these pieces to be a versatile styling option that you can easily pair with things you already own. We don’t ever want you to feel like you have to compromise on your style just because you’ve decided to go green.

So get ready to conquer your day!

Visit the Dooeys collection and view their House Loafers and House Mules at dooeys.com/collections/slipshoes.