Our Favorite Products to Enjoy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting journey. It feels like nothing short of an adventure, even if it isn’t your first time. Your mind and body undergo a ton of changes as preparation. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a list of essentials for every trimester. Here’s wishing you and your baby a comfortable and happy experience!

Shield Your Skin From Stretch Marks 

Stretch marks are symbols of your incredible journey. It is normal to experience these as your body grows along with the life inside you. There is no shame to be felt, yet, it doesn’t hurt to pamper yourself with extra love. The Revitalizing Stretch Mark Cream by Nemah will leave your skin soft and supple. Made sustainably and with vegan ingredients, this cream will hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of lines.

Load Up On Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are a must-have for that extra boost of energy. Their critical ingredients will not only give you a boost in health and immunity but also be a super healthy snack for your developing baby. Prenatal Vitamins by Ritual are full of essential nutrients to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The capsule is essenced with mint, leaving you with a fresh minty feeling. Who knew taking supplements could be an enjoyable experience?! And while you’re at it, stay hydrated and replenish your electrolytes which will help alleviate some of the common pregnancy symptoms like headaches, cramps, and fatigue. We love Nuun Sport electrolyte tablets

Your Mental Health is Just as Important

There is a lot to worry about when you are pregnant. Your mind is riddled with thoughts about the months ahead. Studies show that magnesium levels in our bodies affect our stress levels. Made with clean ingredients, this raspberry-lemon flavored magnesium powder is easy to have. Just add it to water and sip on it. It will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, among its other health benefits. If you’re not a fan of this beverage option, they also have gummies. Plus, magnesium can help with those annoying leg cramps and help your muscles relax to get a good night’s rest. 

Handle Morning Sickness Like A Pro

Oh, nausea — the villain that is most likely to wreak havoc with your pregnancy. Morning sickness can be a tad bit easier to handle with Nausea Sweets by Pinkstork, sweet peppermint lozenges. Embrace the power of peppermint and sail through onto the sweeter side of pregnancy.

Pamper Your Body

A pregnant woman is like a superhero, battling aches and pains for months! A massage is a must to feel comforted and restored. B37 massager by Elkin helps you experience deep percussive power. This deep muscle treatment is a treat for your swollen feet and aching back. With adjustable settings, it helps you target specific areas of your body. Glide the massager on your body and feel your pain melt away in a matter of minutes.

Sleep Well, And Then Some More

Pregnant or not, sleep is our secret weapon to take on the world. Owing to hormonal disturbances and difficulty in getting the posture right, sleeping well when you’re pregnant is no easy feat. Here to save the night — body pillows and/or snug cushions! The U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow by Queen Rose is sure to feel like a cloud. It will allow for a comfortable night of sleep while also providing the extra support you need. No more tossing and turning through the night!

Say It With Style

Your body changes during pregnancy and comfortable clothing becomes a priority. Who’s to say you cannot add flair with maternity fashion?! Hatch has The Classic Maternity Jean Jacket, clothing meant and designed, especially for the chic mamas of the world. Trust us, you’ll want to wear it every day. 

The Magic Spiced Tea

Ginger works like a charm for all pregnancy-related discomforts. It can be your ally to fight morning sickness. Sip on ginger tea for that soothing effect and to keep nausea at bay. Adding some mint or lime will help with queasiness.

Write It Down

For the to-be mums who love a good checklist, check out the Pregnancy Planner & New Baby Organiser by Undefining Motherhood. It’s a great way for parents to plan their journey, especially as first-time parents. With maternity checklists, registry recommendations, meal plans, and calendars, this planner is bound to be a friend when you need one.


Comfortable House Shoes

From swelling ankles to aching feet from the additional weight you’re having to carry around all day every day, treat yourself to a pair of stylish and supportive house shoes. They’ll provide the relief you need from your outdoor shoes, while still being supportive yet cozy. These will become your go-to pregnancy shoes at home. 

Pregnancy is adventure indeed. We hope our curated list helps makes the ride easier. With our essentials by your side, each day will be at least a little more relaxed, stylish and happy. We wish you the best in this extraordinary phase of life!