Elevate Your Wardrobe With Our Slow Fashion Favorites

Discover the Best Supportive House Shoes and Slippers for Hardwood Floors, including Dooeys Sustainable Shoes.

You love to be stylish, but cannot get over how fast-paced fashion has gotten and trying to be more sustainably-minded? We know how you feel. In a world filled with fast fashion fixes, slow fashion is like a breath of fresh air. Eco-conscious enthusiasts, gather around! If you're on the lookout for looks that are as kind to the planet as are stylish, you're in for a treat. Let’s talk sustainable clothing and shoe brands, like Dooeys — the ultimate solution for women's house shoes! We're proud to be a brand that embodies sustainable style in home footwear. Come revamp your wardrobe with these thoughtful choices.


What Is Slow Fashion?

Who needs fleeting trends when you can rock timeless styles? All while being gentle on the environment? Slow fashion is about quality over quantity – a philosophy that aligns with a greener planet. It's about leaving a positive impact with every outfit choice. You choose designs that will stand the test of time. You look for brands that are doing their bit for the environment. You promote ethical production. And when we say fashion we don’t mean only clothing. Think organic cosmetics, supportive house shoes, cruelty-free bags, and so on.


Nisolo — Walk with Purpose

Nisolo is a brand that is passionate about sustainability. Their shoes are handcrafted with care. Every step supports artisans and ethical production. With options for both men and women, one can choose from boots to mules, heels, and sneakers. You can also send them used shoes that you no longer need, to keep them out of landfills.


Tentree - Wear the Change

Tentree doesn't just offer clothes; they offer a reforestation initiative with every sale! For each purchased item, a tree gets planted. They're well on their way to a goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030. Tentree reduces wastage by using materials like lyocell, organic cotton, or recycled polyester. Check them out for all your clothing needs.


For Days - Less Waste, More Style

For Days turns the fashion world upside down with its closed-loop system. A zero-waste system! Their tees are designed for endless wear. Once worn out, you can send them back to turn them into new styles. Everything that they make is toxin-free, organic, and can be recycled and reused


Covry - Shades of Change

Covry isn't your average sunglasses brand. They're on a mission to create eyewear that fits diverse faces. And guess what? Their frames use plant-based materials and are made in small batches to cut wastage.

 Slow Fashion Sustainable Slippers

Dooeys - Stepping into Tomorrow

Now, let's talk shoes – sustainable stylish ones, to be precise. Dooeys has your back (or rather, your feet) with their range of slow-fashion favorites. Made ethically, Dooeys is all about putting your best foot forward – literally! Their house shoes have your comfort in mind. This makes them the perfect slippers for hardwood floors.

Whether it's a wardrobe refresh, or a search for supportive house shoes and slippers, we have you covered. From Nisolo's to Dooeys' sustainable footwear, these brands prove that fashion can be a positive force. So go ahead, strut your stuff with pride – after all, looking good and doing good have never been so well intertwined!