6 Things to Look for in Good House Shoes

House shoes with arch support

Many of us have spent more time at home in the past year than ever before. And while our feet may be thanking us for the break from high heels, the absence of shoes has not produced the best results either. Spending extended time barefoot, walking on hardwood floors has led to a host of other challenges we weren’t prepared for. So let’s dive into why you need house shoes, and our top five things to look out for in an ideal pair!


Getting back on your feet

Wearing house shoes helps protect your feet from the cold, hard floors and keeps aching feet at bay. When your house shoes have arch support, it also helps relieve any discomfort caused by poor posture. In fact, your feet are so critical to your joint health that when your feet are properly supported with a good pair of house shoes, it actually reduces the strain on your other joints too, like your knees, hips, and spine.


It is common for your outdoor shoes to have arch support, but not many people prioritize this in a pair of house shoes. Since we are currently spending much more time at home, it’s time to start expecting more from our house shoes too!


1.  Solid support

As we said, you can never go wrong with a pair of house shoes that have arch support. If you’re picking a pair of house shoes, look for something lightweight, but with a solid sole that will carry you effortlessly around the house without much wear and tear. A sole that is flat with some grip has the ideal supportive base. If you already have some type of joint pain, house shoes are essential to reduce the likelihood of the pain returning or getting worse. 


2.  Easy to slip on & off

Let’s face it - sometimes we don’t want the extra effort of strapping ourselves into our shoes, heck, some of us can barely motivate ourselves enough to wear a bra these days! But that’s why it helps to have house shoes that are easy to slip on and off. You don’t need to make an event out of it, simply slip them on and you’re good to go!


3.  Go Seamless

Nasty shoe bites can cause serious discomfort, and this is the last thing we want as a byproduct of our house shoes. Look for a shoe with fewer internal seams, and preferably a seamless toe box. This will reduce the possibility of rubbing and chaffing. 


4.  Consider Quality

There’s a famous quote that says “We are not so rich as to buy cheap things.” What this means is that if you’re looking to make your spending work for you, it pays off to buy high-quality. If you buy a pair of house shoes that are flimsy, they probably won’t last you more than a season before they quickly lose shape and begin looking shabby. Invest in good quality, well-crafted house shoes if you want them to last!


5.  Materials

Choose the material of your house shoes based on their use. For example, it always helps when shoes are stain-resistant making them easy to clean when you get a little too excited with a glass of red wine in hand. It’s also important the insoles are moisture-wicking and have anti-bacterial properties to prevent icky foot infections. 


6.  Sustainability

Remember, not all house shoes are created equal! If you’re looking to make more sustainable choices, opt for shoes that don’t harm the planet. Sustainability is not just about buying natural products, but also ones that last.

There are plenty of ways you can make fashion choices that help our planet. Clothing and shoes made from renewable or recycled materials, natural fabrics, vegan leather, and other plant-based materials. We may not think of our shoes as being instrumental in saving the environment, but why shouldn’t they be? You wear them every single day, you have multiple pairs, and let’s be real, we all use our shoes to make a statement.


Dooeys provide the coziness of a house slipper with all-day comfort thanks to their arch support and sneaker-like soles. They are the best women's house shoes with support and are made from premium, sustainable materials -- our vegan apple leather is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry. Instead of the traditional sole, we use sugarcane EVA that has the same softness and flexibility as foam used in sneakers with a much lower carbon footprint. Our shoes come with a high-quality lining made of recycled polyester and plastic bottles in an efficient, zero-waste system.


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