The Best Shoes for Hardwood Floors

See Why Dooeys are the perfect choice

We all spend time at home. Whether that's working from home, enjoying downtime, hosting friends & family, or cooking up delicious meals.

With today's flooring, we need a modern take on footwear for home. Let's take a look at the many reasons Dooeys house shoes for women fit the bill for those hardwood floors...


I truly needed a safe walking House Shoes, that you could feel safely wearing during a lot of things around the House. Most House Shoes, didn't give your foot the arch support protection on the sides, bottoms, and arch areas, they kept falling off my foot, whenever, my slipper turn or twist off my foot. This was my problem, with all the slippers, I just didn't feel totally safe. Sure glad, I came across your website.

— Sharon

With hard floors and constantly being on the go as a mom by the end of day my feet hurt so bad and my heels would crack. I honestly didn’t think the shoes would fix my heels but was hoping it would help my feet feel better than just slippers all day. In turn my feet rarely ache by the end of the day and my heels have completely heeled. Could not be happier with these cute house shoes!!

— Meghann

I found out I had Morton's neuroma and was told to no longer go barefoot on our hardwoods. I tried several different slippers and read hundreds of reviews and was getting frustrated. A couple of months ago my husband saw an ad somewhere for Dooeys and suggested I check them out. I was a bit skeptical, especially with the price, but thought why not try them, so I did. I'm so glad I did! They're great!! I've actually run to the store in them, they're so comfy I didn't think twice about it. They have good support and my feet don't hurt. I just wish there were more styles! I've been thinking about getting another pair. They're worth it!

— Kirsten