What are house shoes?

There’s nothing better to wear at home than a pair of supportive house shoes. If you invest in a good wardrobe that is stylish and comfortable, then you can’t ignore the need for a good pair of house shoes for women. Neglecting to support your feet for long periods of time can be damaging.

House shoes are common all around the world, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern households. The days of wearing outside shoes around the house are behind us, it’s simply too unhygienic to let the dirt from streets in to your home! 

What are house shoes?

What you need is a pair of supportive house shoes

They’re perfect for walking on those hardwood floors in the house, and doing anything on your feet. Good house shoes for women combine solid footbeds with cozy lining. They tick all the boxes in terms of providing all-day comfort, look good with any outfit, and are made sustainably. 

The right pair of house shoes are crafted with materials that are foot-friendly and planet-friendly. Whether you’re on Zoom calls, getting things done around the house, or just hanging out at home, house shoes are perfect for keeping your feet supported and healthy.

What are house shoes?

House shoes are NOT slippers. The general thought when someone says ‘house slippers’ are warm, fuzzy footwear, that provide no support. While these may look cute, the sole of a slipper is not hardy, or meant to withstand extended time on your feet. They aren’t designed to support your arch.

Supportive house shoes don’t need to be clunky and old-fashioned

It can be difficult to find slippers with attractive styles, but we go you. And the best ones are made from plant-based & recycled, vegan materials. While house shoes can look and feel just like cozy home footwear, our recommednations are crafted in the style of a shoe, to give added support and comfort.

House shoes for women with foot conditions

Wearing supportive house shoes is especially important for people with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, knee or back pain, corns, or raynauds. It’s important to find just the right style and fit for you, given your foot concern.

What are the particular features to look for in a supportive house shoe?

  1. Sturdy, lightweight soles: This is important because if you’re at home a lot, you’ll need to wear these shoes all day.  Aim for a solid or sneaker-type flat sole that provides a stable base for walking.
  2. Ease of wear: You’ll want to slip these on and off quickly, so look for something that you can wear with minimal adjusting or fastening but still stays on the foot when moving about the house. 
  3. High-quality materials: Look for brands who offer ethically-sourced, sustainable house shoes when making a purchase. This will ensure that you keep your carbon footprint small, and your impact HUGE!
  4. Minimal seams: You’ll want something cozy with a soft inner lining. A seam-free shoe interior will reduce the possibility of rubbing and bruising.

Find the right pair of house shoes for you!

Dooeys provide the coziness of a slipper with all-day comfort thanks to their arch support and sneaker-like soles. Dooeys offers multiple styles house shoes like their House Loafers, House Mules, and House Sandals — perfect for summer! They're from premium, sustainable materials -- our vegan apple leather is sourced from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores used in the juice industry, our lining is made from recycled plastics, and our soles are made with sugarcane!

Our attractive house shoes are soft to the touch inside and flexible which makes moving around the house feel that much better. 

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