Starting Your Own Business From Home: How to Get Started

What could be better than working for yourself at home? You make your own hours and pursue your own goals — all while wearing your sweatpants! However, if you’re undertaking entrepreneurship in a small space like an apartment, you’ll know how challenging it can be. You experience a lack of space, and difficulty distinguishing between work time and family time. That’s why in the article below, Dooeys shares some essential tips for success.

Set Up a Home Office

You’ll need a designated workspace where you can focus on your business. This could be an empty room in your home, like a guest room or basement or if you live in a smaller apartment, a designated corner or nook in your bedroom or living room. What you will need to ensure, however, is that you have privacy in your space for taking calls and remaining free of distractions. Try to make this are free of distractions and have your area free of old furniture, games, and other personal clutter. Why? Well, having so many personal reminders can blur the line between home and work, which will make undertaking business decisions all the more challenging.

In addition to a desk and work set up, be mindful of your background (especially if you have a lot of video meetings with remote teams and suppliers). Use storage solutions for all your paperwork and documents to keep things tidy. 

Self-Discipline Is Key

If you want to commit to your success, you’ll need to keep up a sustained and consistent work effort. According to HubSpot, the key distinguishing factor of successful entrepreneurs is discipline. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you don’t have work hours. Nor does it mean you can slack off and put work on a backburner. Although working from home comes with its own set of commitments, you will need to set firm boundaries with friends and family. Communicate that you’re serious about your business and put the work in. But don’t forget to take a break and get out of the house once in a while — entrepreneurial burnout is real!

Check Off the Legal Requirements

Whenever you’re starting a new business, it’s a good idea to check out state and local requirements. You will likely need a business license or permit. And then depending on the type of business you’re running, you may also be subject to local zoning laws. Some municipalities and neighborhood associations prohibit home-based businesses, while others need special licenses for home-based business owners. 

Delegate All the Way

GrowthHackers reports that for any business to achieve high scalability and expansion capabilities, it will need to delegate some or most of its operations. You’ll need to bring in particular skillsets to complement your capabilities. But the good news is, new staff don’t need to work out of your home! Instead, hire remote employees and contractors through websites like Upwork and Fiver or tap into your network through LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.

According to the Small Business Administration, home-based businesses make up about 50% of all companies today. It is truly a luxury to be your boss and work from the comfort of your own home - which is why it’s no wonder so many people are pursuing it! For ultimate business success, you’ll need to set your home up in the right way. Good luck and here’s to enjoying entrepreneurship from home!

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