Shoes Made in Portugal

Fashion brands are challenging the status quo by producing ethically.

Although it seems like uncharted territory, our research showed a number of companies manufacturing sustainable products in a way that promotes safe and healthy work environments, living wages, and reduced harmful impacts on the environment.

Portugal is a top producer of high-quality footwear and we’re highlighting a list of the top ethical shoe brands made in Portugal. You will find they have a ton to offer from sustainable materials to comfort and quality. 

Irene Brown Sandals by Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae Vegan Sandals

NAE: No Animal Exploitation. Their mission is to look for animal-friendly alternatives in production. Cruelty is not an option for this brand, whose shoes are from apple skin, corn, pineapple leaf fibers, cork, and recycled polyester. The brand has a variety in terms of combining style with comfort. NAE shoes originate in Portugal in a fair work environment. This pair is a gorgeous block heel with a supportive sandal strap and is available in brown and orange as well. Suede on the outside, the inner lining is a microfiber which is antibacterial. This works wonders in controlling bad odor, especially if you have sweaty feet!

House Slippers by Dooeys

House Shoes for Women

These ultra-comfortable slippers for home are stylish and good for your body. With the right arch support, they are the perfect footwear for those hardwood floors. They have excellent grip and are easy to slip on and off. Lightweight and cozy, they are also well-cushioned with sneaker-like soles. The brand makes house shoes for women from premium and sustainable materials like apple leather, recycled rubber soles, organic cotton lining, and cork.


Explorer V2 for Women by 8000kicks

Explorer V2 for Women | Beige and Green | Hemp & Waterproof

This is a first-of-its-kind — waterproof sneakers made of hemp! The brand makes sneakers from strong and natural cannabis fibers. By using algal blooms for the soles, they help remove harmful algae from the ecosystem. The energy used at their factories is from renewable sources. This pair is minimalist in design, and stylish too. Apart from its versatile use, the hemp insole keeps your feet at the right temp because hemp is temperature regulating. Get this — the pair has a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry, no matter what. This also means that the fabric of the shoe is easy to clean. 

Brielle Sand by Lemon Jelly

Brielle Sand – Lemon Jelly Canada

Here is a brand for whom sustainability is not just preferred, it is paramount. They support the “Made in Portugal” label. Apart from being a non-profit organization, they contribute by installing solar panels (900 done so far!). Grab this pair for a classic touch to your look. Boots that are delicate-looking and elegant. This sustainable shoe, with an exquisite finish, has a microfiber absorbent insole made from recycled materials. Grab your PETA-approved, vegan brand today.

These are our top picks and we hope this list continues to grow. Sustainable fashion is definitely a trend that is here to stay. With these few smart choices, you can do your bit for the future of the planet which is (quite literally) at your feet!