The Best Women's House Shoes

If you're in the market for house shoes, you've come to the right place as we're breaking down what makes the best women's house shoes.

It's really not one thing, it's the combination of three major components. There are plenty of slippers for women out there that are able to tackle one of these features well, but few capture all three.

  1. Coziness — This is essential for a house shoe. It's what sets it apart from all other shoes you wear outside the home. A slipper should be soft on the inside and keep your feet warm. You should look forward to taking your outdoor shoes off and slipping into your house shoes.
  1. Support — There are plenty of outdoor shoe brands that focus on support, by why don't slippers as well? With homes these days having tile, concrete, and hardwood floors, we think it's essential good house shoes provide the support your feet need which in turn supports the rest of your body — from your knees, hips, to back. Supportive slippers are a must.
  1. Style — We look for stylish shoes to wear outside the home so we should expect the same for our indoor shoes. House shoes don't have to be ugly or frumpy, they should be something you look and feel good in.

    This is why we started Dooeys — we wanted to make the best slippers for women. We achieved this by combining the style and support of a comfortable shoe with the coziness of traditional women's slippers. We developed our first two styles, the House Loafers & House Mules, which are both slip ons and have elevated designs, cushioned insoles with arch support, and soft, cozy lining to remind you, you're home.